Sehun smacks Duizhang's ass for 10 Mins.

I don’t get on Tumblr very often, but I saw someone talking about a loop of this on YouTube, so I figured I’d make one.

Anonymous asked:
What tao did was bad. He is a colorist. Please look up colorism and understand why people upset with tao. To be lighter in asia means you are superior to the dark skin ones. This is the second time this happened with tao. Fuk him!

Oh, my dear, sweet anon. It does mean ever so much to me that you took the time to send me this message, however, making a joking comment to your friend does not make you a colorist. Tao simply said that Kai was darker, he did not say that Kai was darker and therefore should be less valued, or that he is less attractive, or that he should be treated differently.

Now yes, I am taking into account that in Asia, lighter skin is more desirable, however, Tao’s comment has next to no actual meaning, for he is just as dark as Kai. It’s impossible for him to put Kai down in any manner over it, because it would be hypocritical, and he still wouldn’t be lighter himself. 

mnemiopsis asked:
your post is really really good and sensitive. i applaud you for your eloquence ;___; <3333 i think it's unfortunate that some people are gonna use it to silence those that were rightfully offended but hopefully people see read this with compassion for those that get hurt by these comments.

I honestly see this from all points of view, and I think that those who may have been offended by it are well within their human rights, of course… But at the same time, I should hope that they will be able to realise that Tao didn’t mean it like that. 

I don’t like seeing people offended, but at the same time, the correct way to respond to it isn’t by being equally offensive; it’s about trying to be understanding of the situation. I just hope people don’t try to silence those who are offended just because “oppa didn’t mean it”, it’d be nicer if they could just try and reassure them, or something along those lines.

But thank you for this ask! ; w ; I know I swore a couple times, but I just have that terrible habit. I felt I needed to get my point across.

Okay, no, sorry——I need to make this post. For real. I’m not going to deny that Tao meant what he said; he did, but it was a joke. It may not be the best of jokes, but Kai’s skin is a running gag in the EXO group itself. For example, they all call him Kkamjong; he even embraces it. You remember what they said about this nickname back during the showcase? That it was ‘dark Jongin’, partially because of his darker skin? Kai calls himself that; he listed it as his own fucking nickname in the album teasers for XOXO. 

Another point is that yes, Tao is also darker than the others; his skin is almost the exact same shade as Kai’s, so it really is a joke. He’s aware he can’t say it about Kai with any kind of backing to his words because he, too, is dark. He was simply playing around. 

On top of that, he didn’t say at any point that it was bad, at all. He can’t say it’s bad because of the point I mentioned just before. Just because it’s a running gag with them, does not mean Tao is automatically insulting fans with darker skin, because he’s not. If you are a fan of EXO, Tao is grateful for you. Of course he is, because you’re part of the reason EXO is so popular and can continue to be around. 

That being said, I don’t necessarily think that Kai’s skin should be a running gag, because I’m personally biased towards Kai beyond all belief. And I think he’s perfect in every sense of the word, but do you really think Kai would want you all to jump to his ‘defense’ by insulting his group mate? By becoming an anti-fan for a member of his family?

By saying these things about Tao, who is so shy and repeatedly gets shit from fans about his closeness with Kris, how are you any better? 

I’m not saying you have to approve of every little joke that any of the boys make, but I’m just saying that you have to remember they are group mates, and all of them are 19 years or older—they can stand up for themselves if they don’t like what Tao’s saying about them, and I’m damn well sure they could do it in a more mature way that doesn’t involve them insulting Tao. 

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Anonymous asked:
You're actually a guy? Are you gay?

I’m genderless and pansexual. I hope that answers your questions.



#this whole episode was on crack jesus christ

Seriously the simple fact that Sam delivers his line at the ceiling to avoid the camera remains one of the funniest things to ever happen in the series.